FILM REVIEW: Volkswagen Kuning (2016)

FILM REVIEW: Volkswagen Kuning (2016)


A story that follows the famous urban legend about a mysterious yellow-colored Volkswagen seen on Malaysia’s Karak highway. A couple that is on the way to a village meets an unexpected event with the Volkswagen that will haunt their lives.

Based on the popular local myth, the film nicely utilizes the element of jump scares to bring the best out of its horror even though the movie is basically too predictable for someone who loves to go for horror movies.

The quality in terms of its plot, the acting, and the effects aren’t great. The plot has been recycled within the past few years as some people, like me in particular, have watched Malaysian horror movies like Karak and Momok 2 which bring the mysterious Volkswagen as a side-plot.

The acting is at most good but there are a lot of moments that will cringe you to death especially the main girl character that’s played by the famous Atikah Suhaimie. Her voice totally doesn’t suit for a horror movie and I mean it well. The effect feels like you’re watching a very very extremely low-budget movie that will bore you until the end of it.

The film is filled with so-called suspense and thrills, but instead of using loud banging noises to scare the audience like many horror flicks do, director Shadan Hashim uses a different approach to making audiences freak out but it blatantly fails to scare the audience except for those who rarely watch horror movies, this movie is a good start to go with.

The another black area about this movie is the short duration which is less than 80 minutes, 78 minutes to be exact. Despite this, the director seems to have a lack of ideas to create a meaningful plot, leading to many audiences end up yawning throughout the whole film.

This movie deserves 1/10. It’s because that the urban legend of the Volkswagen has my interest very much and I find that this movie follows the true story’s steps very well, saving the audience’s time for more research.